'Damn you Eric Kripke'

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I walk through puddles, eat ice cream in the rain. I can't stop watching horror films and cherry bakewells are my fave.Lucy, 20, Norfolk/Lancs UK- Supernatural, TVD, Merlin, Dr Who, Sherlock, Charmed, The Secret Circle, Bones, Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl, Veronica Mars, Charmed, Miranda, The Big Bang Theory, Lip Service, Pretty Little Liars, Chuck, Brooklyn Nine Nine ,Teen Wolf, Friends, The Walking Dead, That 70s Show, Arrow, Orange is the New Black, How I Met Your MotherAnd a shit load of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Avengers.

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Inspired by the verse ‘rainbow of imagination’ from the World of Color song, and I went from there. :3

art decade by david bowie :’D

Someone shopped Castiel’s head onto Rick Astley. 

season 5 gag reel of suupernatural =D

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    said… I don’t...anybody to ever fall into depression or be sad. So I’m there for my...
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    I like rainbows and unicorns. And if I start following you, it would be cool if a rainbow unicorn followed you, don’t...
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    Kyrie’s my nickname, and Fortune is the translation of Fortuna, where she lives. Duh.
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    My girlfriend’s name is Liz, and she’s lovely. Lovely Liz is one of those cheesy nicknames that I have for her. The...
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    when the Jonas Brothers “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times” album came out i was obsessed with the song “Black Keys” and my...
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    solitaire55 represents all the pain in the world, and how at 55 years old, you can feel it all just crushing down on...
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    My self-esteem has been steadily raising ever since I left high school, and I’ve been called magnificent before… why...
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    you know, DRELLA.
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    Enough said :D
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    him and his dick
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    are you sure? really? okay. fiiiiine by me.
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    ^LOL. Okay so this is my glee blog, thus the “Gleek” part [my personal is just tbjanet]. As for why it’s tbjanet, that’s...
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    It’s one of my favorite Metric songs, and I think Emily Haines is a brilliant woman and lyricist.
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    I own a hoodie with all those colors of the rainbow that makes it pretty stoned/psychadelic and also very gay. One...
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    I was taking a shower at the gym and the faucet turny thing was very shiny and reflective, and what it was reflecting...
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    Forever relevant
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    "Spread your wings, I’ll block the wind you are the one in my life like an undying star" -Until Whenever AND what ji...
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    A Doctor Who quote that also describes how the Doctor’s like a lonely angel who never shuts up.
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    flaming minho :’D
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    even this photo is relevant
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