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'Damn you Eric Kripke'

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Serena: “Do you even care about Dan?”


I’m sorry but I have to go on a Serena rant right now. It can’t be helped. Ok so, this line absolutely infuriates me. Where the fuck does Serena get off asking Blair if she even cares about Dan? Blair just straight up said she just wants Dan to be happy. So we know she cares about Dan, more than anyone else does. Whereas Serena (who I never thought could get any more selfish than she was already) has done nothing but stand in the way of Dan’s happiness ever since she read his book and realized he’s in love with Blair  . Let’s just take a look at what this bitch has done since she read Dan’s book. First, she screwed him over on getting his book turned into a movie, twice. Then, in 5x10 she acted like a total bitch to him because he was prepared to tell Blair his feelings, saying that it would just make things more complicated for Blair. While that’s true, that’s in no way what she really cared about in that situation. The only reason she acted that way was because she was afraid of how Dan’s confession could change everything. Because once Blair found out his feelings, Serena knew there was a good chance Blair might reciprocate. And if that happened, Serena would be left behind. She wouldn’t be the center of anyone’s attention anymore (clearly she seems to have forgotten about Nate altogether) Not her first love, nor her best friend. Then there was the fake relationship. I can’t even get into that one, just atrocious. And then she had the nerve to get angry at Dan for rescuing Blair from her wedding. And Dan, being the one who can now see right through Serena’s actions straight to her true motives, called her out on the fact that she was really mad at him because he had obviously chosen Blair over her. So Serena, try looking in the mirror and asking who really cares about Dan. And until you do that, keep your stupid mouth shut.

I don’t want to hate Serena because I don’t think she’s actually a bad person deep down. But she’s really not making it easy, especially since she’s going to be calling Dan “hers” next episode. Let’s be real Serena. If Dan “belongs” to anyone, it’s Blair. That’s what he meant when he said “you have me” and “always”. His heart belongs to Blair, 100%. And it always will. Serena just needs to grow the hell up, and move on from her supposedly renewed feelings for Dan. This is really just about Dan’s book anyway. And it’s not just that it made it clear he’s in love with Blair. I think Serena could have accepted Dan having feelings for Blair, just like she accepted him having feelings for Vanessa. It’s the fact that his feelings for Blair are so much stronger and deeper than anything he’s ever felt for anyone else, including Serena. It’s the fact that Blair is the love of his life. Plus, there’s the fact that he portrayed Serena so negatively/accurately in his book. It filled her with a sense of loss, at losing something she thought impossible to lose. She truly believed that, no matter how far she pushed Dan, he would always come back to her. But that’s not the case anymore, and she’s slowly figuring that out. She’s just afraid to face the fact that this is all her fault, that this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t continually taken Dan for granted. Dan stated it perfectly in 4x12, “Normal people don’t get an endless number of chances no matter the situation. That’s just you.” Serena has always believed she would get endless chances from the people who care about her. But people have their limits. And sooner or later, Serena is going to have to break out of that illusion and start treating people better. It’s not as if she’s not capable. She is fundamentally a good person, which is why I don’t hate her. I just hate the way she’s been acting.

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